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Excellence in prestigious hospitality in Italy

The tourist-hotel management group Greenblu Hotels & Resort, operating under the management of the holding company Greenblu S.r.l. through various management entities, such us Getur Levante Srl and Dierresseti Srl, has its legal headquarters in Puglia.

Constant innovation

Crafting extraordinary experiences

Specialized in the management of 4 and 5-star hotel properties, the Greenblu group expands its presence in regions such as Puglia, Basilicata, Sicily, and Trentino, aiming to establish itself as a leading Tourism Management Company nationally.
Greenblu Hotels & Resorts envisions providing distinctive and high-quality hospitality experiences, contributing to the prestige of the tourism sector across various Italian regions.

Greenblu Group consists of three tourist management companies, two real estate investment companies, and one industrial branch company.
The vision of Greenblu Hotels & Resorta translates into a commitment to offer distinctive and high-quality hospitality experiences, contributing to the prestige and innovation of the tourism sector in the various Italian regions where it operates. It positions itself as a distinctive and recognized brand.

We are more than a hotel group; we are creators of experiences, advocates for excellence, and promoters of tourism that goes beyond a simple stay. Greenblu Hotels & Resorts is the choice for those seeking something more, where hospitality becomes an art, and every detail contributes to an unforgettable experience.

Values that define
the essence of Greenblu


Corporate Social Responsibility holds a prominent place in Greenblu’s strategic vision. The company has implemented a series of actions aimed at ethical and sustainable management of its activities.

Environmental sustainability

We have implemented actions focused on sustainable management of all activities, aiming to offer visitors a vacation with a strong naturalistic vocation, in full respect of nature and our green heritage.

My Friend Planet Project

Our green and responsible project to be implemented now for a better tomorrow. Within our hotels and resorts, such as Torre Guaceto Greenblu Resort, Torre Cintola Greenblu Sea Emotions, and Ticho’s Greenblu Hotel, we have introduced tourist offerings to materialize a unique sustainable stay experience for our guests. In our oasis, we all play active roles with our simple daily actions. The project consists of "green" practices to provide sustainable hotel services, including:

  1. Plastic-free products
  2. Dispensers for drinking water and aluminum water bottles
  3. Local food sourcing
  4. Eco-friendly cleaning products
  5. 100% organic courtesy line
  6. LED lights
  7. Collection and recovery of rainwater
  8. Reduction of energy consumption
  9. Electric car charging stations
  10. Use of renewable energy sources
  11. Waste separation
Blue Flag

A source of pride is contributing, through the implementation of actions towards environmental sustainability, to the repeated annual awarding of the prestigious Blue Flag to all the coastlines where the managed structures are located: Policoro, Polignano a Mare, Castellaneta Marina, Marina di Pisticci, Torre Guaceto, Monopoli, Gallipoli.

Social commitment and inclusion

Solidarity and support are inherent feelings of the group, always attentive to social needs.

Gender equality certification: the group has been active for years in equal opportunity policies and promoting female employment. In 2023, the group was awarded the Gender Equality Certification (UNI/PdR 125:2022) involving the adoption of specific Key Performance Indicators in 6 evaluation areas for the various variables that characterize an inclusive and gender-respecting organization: Culture and strategy, Governance, Human Resources processes, Opportunities for growth and inclusion of women in the company, Gender pay equity, Parental protection and work-life balance.

Legality rating

The group has been awarded the legality rating, meeting the requirements of regulations, including the absence of preventive and/or precautionary measures, both personal and patrimonial, for administrators and partners.

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