Of Puglia you fall in love at first sight

In Puglia, every moment is a unique emotion, an unforgettable experience that unfolds through the allure of its generous lands, the kindness of its people, and the timeless beauty of its places.

History resonates within the walls of ancient cathedrals and basilicas, witnesses to faith and the memories that this land jealously guards. Puglia is a place of miracles and legends, a land of sanctuaries that tell age-old stories.

And when the sun sets, Puglia transforms into a stage for patron saint festivals, local fairs, and historical reenactments. Every stone tells a story, every dish preserves a tradition, and every smile welcomes anyone wishing to immerse themselves in this fascinating narrative between past and present.

Gallipoli, in Salento, is divided into two parts: the new town or modern part and the historic center, built on an island of limestone origin and connected to the mainland by an arched bridge. A destination not to be missed! Also worth visiting is the baroque-style cathedral and the Hellenistic fountain, rich in bas-reliefs inspired by Greek mythology. Facing the fountain, you can visit the sanctuary of Madonna del Canneto with its interesting 18th-century ceiling. Don't miss the Cathedral of Sant'Agata, the Castle, the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, Palazzo Balsamo, Palazzo di Città, Palazzo Granafei, and Palazzo Pirelli.
Monopoli is a municipality of about 50,000 inhabitants located approximately 40 km from the airports of Bari and Brindisi. On the Adriatic, it represents one of the most active and populous ports in the region, famous for its characteristic medieval old town, which, built on the remains of a fortified Messapian settlement dating back to the 5th century B.C., overlooks the sea surrounded by high walls.
Ostuni, known as the "White City," stands on a hill, with houses spreading through narrow alleys offering breathtaking views. A picturesque panorama that captivates the imagination of anyone venturing through the streets of this city rich in history and authentic beauty.
Polignano a Mare
Polignano a Mare, a small jewel suspended between sky and sea, welcomes visitors with its charming medieval village. After passing through the Arch of the Marquis, one finds oneself immersed in the enticing aromas of local cuisine and surrounded by the vibrant colors of Apulian ceramics. The panoramic views overlooking the sea offer an unforgettable experience.
Lecce, the baroque city par excellence, enchants with its rich historical, cultural, and architectural wealth. An ideal starting point to explore treasures such as Piazza Mazzini, the Basilica of Santa Croce, Piazza Sant'Oronzo, and the Cathedral. Indescribable beauties that serve as a backdrop to dreamlike awakenings in the rooms or suites of this charming city.
Alberobello is the famous town of trulli, dwellings built with dry stone in white lime, with cone-shaped roofs often adorned with zodiacal or religious symbols. In 1996, the town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Must-visit places include the two-story Trullo Sovrano, the trullo-shaped church of Sant'Antonio, the "house of love," now a precious tourist information point, and the minor basilica of the Holy Doctors.
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Lifestyle hotel 5 stelle sul mare di Gallipoli


Gallipoli, Lecce


5-star lifestyle hotel in the heart of Gallipoli, a stone’s throw from the village, and a short distance from the port. Let yourself be pampered by Unica Spa, a space of almost 1,000 square meters where you can recharge and rejuvenate.

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Borgobianco Resort & SPA


Polignano a Mare, Bari

Borgobianco Resort & Spa is a typical Apulian farmhouse with a pool and SPA, a splendid white gem nestled on the high peak of the cliff in Polignano a Mare.

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villaggio 4 stelle in Puglia


Monopoli, Bari

A 4-star resort, an exclusive place with the famous dome-shaped suites, located on the cliffs of the renowned ‘Capitolo’ area of Monopoli just a few kilometers from Bari.

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Torre Guaceto Resort drone costa


Carovigno, Brindisi

A 4-star hotel located 400 meters from the sea, close to the enchanting natural reserve of Torre Guaceto.

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Hotel 4 Stelle Lecce



Located in the heart of the baroque city, it is a spacious and prestigious structure with 9 meeting rooms, ideal for organizing corporate conventions, meetings, business gatherings.

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Ticho's Hotel


Castellaneta Marina, Taranto

A 4-star hotel in Puglia, located along a stretch of coastline characterized by a wide expanse of fine sandy beach, caressed by crystal-clear waters with a gently sloping seabed.

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hotel cavaliere Noci


Noci, Bari

A 4-star Urban Hotel located in Noci, 15 km from Alberobello, renowned for its untouched hilly terrain and its eno-gastronomic excellence in the Murgia of Trulli.

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