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Licata is a town in Sicily, lying on the slopes of “Mount Licata.” Its name derives from the Greek Alukates meaning “salty” since the Salso River flows into the place. The town is a small open-air jewel waiting to be discovered. Beautiful to visit are: the Church and Convent of the Carmine, the Church of St. Angelo, which contains rich silverware and the silver urn with the relics of the town’s patron saint, and the Castle of St. Angelo located on the top of the hill of the same name that dominates the whole town.

In addition to the splendid historic center, fantastic golden beaches and a splendid sea are the real attraction in Licata. Among the most beautiful beaches is the Bay of Mollarella, a sandy shoreline enclosed between two rocky promontories that shelter it from the winds in the area. Poliscia Beach, on the other hand, is nestled between the sea and strikingly beautiful cliffs.

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